When you’re a coach and your first contact is online,
clients have got to get to know you

View the live site: is built on Thesis. This site takes advantage of the thesis template engine to create a one-off home page, a blog page template, a single page template, and a separate sales page template.

As a coach, Diane needed to make a personal connection with her visitors. The site includes two embedded videos, a very personal about page, a weekly blog, and a connected e-mail newsletter where Diane shares her story. Personal pictures are used extensively. Big loopy fonts help visitors see Diane’s playful side, while the clean text and bold elements remind perspective clients of bold and sturdy commitment.

The home page quickly gives a call to action for signup, embeds a video for a personal connection, and highlights a simple description of what the site is about.  All followed by a standout testimonial and rounded out with a bold footer attracts attention to the client’s promotion.

Each page houses a subtle menu bar with social icons to navigate you through the site. The menu bar highlights the page a visitor is on so they don’t get lost.

The single page and blog page include a sidebar with additional personal connections, another highlight to the promotion, and a section dedicated to affiliate sales (commission-based listings allowing the site to generate passive income in addition to the services provided).